If you click on the link you can see footage – some live, some still – of wildlife activity on the Morroch peninsula, just out of Arisaig village. 

It is heron nesting time here in Arisaig, and we hope that efforts to transmit images directly from the herons’ nests will be rewarded with some fascinating footage of the parent herons’ behaviour, and their chicks, once they hatch. 

The herons settled in their nest sites in mid to late March, busying themselves adding nesting material and generally doing some necessary housekeeping. The pairs displayed bonding behaviour, and many were incubating eggs by mid April.

Chicks in the nest circled below hatched at the beginning of May. If you click on the webcam button at the top of this page you may catch a glimpse of them!

In the third week of May the earliest chicks to hatch are now pretty strong and vocal. On calm nights the chicks can be heard clacking and chattering, waiting for their parents to return with the next meal.

Heron pair with three chicks, Morroch Point
A visitor to the herony. A Little Egret bravely (or foolishly) decides to perch in the midst of the nesting herons
Arrow shows heron incubating three eggs
Still images taken from recent webcam footage